Thursday, Jan. 9th 2014

Parlor Prep School

Happy 2014, Pretties!


We absolutely LOVE having you come visit us on the regular. However, in a pinch, sometimes, you just need to know how to primp yourself to perfection!


Parlor is here to help! 2014 is upon us and it’s time to get inspired by the new year’s lustworthy trends. On Thursday January 30th between 5:30-7pm, your favorite Primpette at Parlor will be available to teach you how to score that ultimate wave using your curling iron, this year’s hottest winged eyeliner tips, etc.


With just a $10 reservation fee, you can learn with the pros and get some time and space to practice on yourself! This event is also BYOB-bring your own blowdryer or tools. If you have a curling iron you are used to, bring that baby in! We can show you how to hold it just right to achieve your new look at home. Also, if you have a  lipstick you just haven’t been able to make look perfect, bring it in! We can help. I promise.


As always, Parlor will have some yummy sweet treats and wine. We can’t wait to unleash your inner Primpette! Call us now to reserve space. 816-561-1302. Space is limited!

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