Monday, Mar. 9th 2015

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!'”-Robin Williams

It’s Party Time, Pretties!

Parlor is all abuzz this Spring. Our schedules are filling up with fun ladies luncheons, sassy wedding parties, and girl’s night galore.While we are mentioning our awesome parties and groups, we should mention our new group cancellation policy. We need a week to receive cancellations and additions to large groups so we are able to accommodate all of our lovely Pretties on those busy days. We just hate to turn our clients down for no-shows or unable-to-make-it appointments. We appreciate your understanding regarding this!

Parlor Leawood has an expanded staff every day and some really awesome new faces to our loyal staff that has been there since the beginning…not to mention really great discounts during the week. We also re-added our eyebrow waxing service. We are so excited to get you red carpet ready for the boardroom or your special gala. Keep informed by following our Pretty accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We always have fun pictures, inspiring beauty quotes, and specials galore!

Parlor has a ton of fun stuff going on internally, too. We just launched our NEW menus. They include the Drystyle Parlor Regular pricing which are AWESOME deals. A pack of 4 Parlor Drystyle Sessions is only $95 and an 8 pack is only $180! It’s the perfect little Spring gift to yourself. Pretty, fresh waves to go with your newest warm-er weather looks.

We also launched our newest Parlor Pick. It’s a hairstyle that hit red carpets, fashion mags, and our sidewalks pretty hard this season. Bedhead Pretty is a fuss-free, face-framing wave, with the same easy breezy attitude of Just Beachy with less of a curl and more of bend. Can you say Sienna Miller perfection?!? We just died over her looks this award season. Ok ok enough fashion police gab….it’s a great style for a changing season like Spring as it holds up to most weather looks casual yet cool for everyday or your special event.  You’re going to love it! Our usual suspects still made our Picks list…after all we don’t see the Lush (volume, curls, and tons of pretty) heading out of anyone’s wishlist anytime soon. The Bedhead Pretty is just our newest obsession. Besides, Meg says there are at least 17 hairstyle opportunities in a week: morning, happy hour, and late night fun. It seems multiple Picks are necessary to make your way through the week.

Speaking of Meg, have you seen her lately?!? She can’t stop talking about the Sachajuan Hair Perfume. This little product has hit every hairstylist/fashion/lifestyle blogger hard.  It’s the perfect little pick-me-up to a week’s worth of workouts, hair product, and fluffing in between shampoos. This is the stuff magic is made of…well, unless you’ve tried the Sachajuan Volume Powder. :) As we move into a new season, also check out the Living Proof Prime and Flex Hairspray. These products give length to your look without the added weight.

Parlor continues to try and make your experience fun and stress-free. We so appreciate your loyalty and love as we grow and learn with you! Thank you for being our pal, girlfriend, and Pretty in crime. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Peace, love, primp,

Parlor Primpettes

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