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How-To Workout Without Messing with Your Blowout

1. A Really Goooood Wash

Take the extra time to scrub, scrub, scrub when you wash. It’s important to get your scalp super clean for your blowout to stand the test of time…and especially those sweaty workouts!

*We love our PhD shampoo and conditioner. Silicone and sulfate free, it’s great for most hair types to improve volume and smooth.


2. Power Pony

Tie those tresses up in a pony or messy bun during your workout. Following your workout, gently blowdry your roots until dry.

*We like to use the cool setting for that extra cool shot following all those burpees 😉


3. Apply the Secret Weapon

Following your cool-down blowdry, apply PhD dry shampoo by spraying the product 6 in away from your scalp. Wait 30 seconds, then massage and shake your strands to a new clean!

*This stuff soaks up oil, sweat, and removes odor. Check any blog, they will vouch for this stuff. 🙂